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Terms & Conditions

Please contact our friendly staff before making an order online. We are happy to answer any queries you might have and recommend the best option for you.

Before we confirm your order and ship your product to you, we will contact you to clarify the items you are purchasing, measurements, strength of corset, required adjustments/alterations you have to make for the items to fit you, etc.


As such, once we have shipped them to you, we do not accept any returns for a mistake in sizes, design, or other reasons.


All items will be thoroughly checked by our staff before shipping, to ensure there are no defects or mistakes on our part.


All readily available items will be sent out within 3 working days of confirming your order.

Delivery within Singapore and South East Asia is expected to take 3-5 working days.

Delivery out of South East Asia (Rest of the World, including Antartica) is expected to take 7-10 working days.

Delivery out of Earth (to the stars and beyond) is not an available option at the moment.

Custom-Made items will be individually advised, pending completion.


An individual payment link for each item is available on the item page.

For Ready-Made items, please follow the payment link on each page.

For Custom-Made items, a separate payment link will be sent to you once we have taken your order.

Be informed when we upload a new item!
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